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God's first message through Malachi was "I have loved you." Although this message applied specifically to Israel, it is a message of hope for all people in all times. Unfortunately, many people are cynical about God's love, using political and economic progress as a measure of success. Because the government was corrupt and the economy poor, the Israelites assumed that God didn't love them. They were wrong. God loves all people because he made them; however, his eternal rewards go only to those who are faithful to him. #Read Malachi 1:2 #GetConnected


God charged the priests with failing to honor him (to the point of despising his name) and failing to  be good spiritual examples to the people. The Temple had been rebuilt in 516 B.C., and worship was being conducted there, but the priests did not worship God properly - they did not follow his laws for the sacrifices. Ezra, the priest, hed sparked a great revival around 458 B.C. However, by Malachi's time, the nation's leaders had once again fallen away from God, and the people with them. The worship of God was no longer from heartfelt adoration; instead it was simply a job for the priests. #Read Malachi 1:6 #GetConnected 


God's Law required that only perfect animals (animals "without blemish") be offered to God (see for example, Leviticus 1:13). But these priests were allowing people to offer blind, lame, and sick animals to God. God accused them of dishonoring him by offering imperfect sacrifices, and he was greatly displeased. The New Testament says that our lives are living sacrifices to God (Romans 12:1). If we give God only our leftover time, money and energy, we repeat the same sin as these worshipers who didn't want to bring anything valuable to God. What we give God reflects our true attitude toward him. #Read Malachi 1:6-8 #GetConnected







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