The    Coming    of     Ministry 

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Our Pastor

Pastor Carl Wayne McCardle II is the Founder and Senior Pastor of The Coming of Ministry Community Church in Houston, TX.
He is a leader with a visionary gift for the twenty-first century. In his mid thirties Pastor McCardle has already proven to be one of the world’s most dynamic communicators and church planters.

The congregation includes members from all spheres of society

Pastor McCardle is the anointed, visionary leader whom God has sent to lead The Coming of Ministry Community Church to the next level of success and achievement. Through his bold, principled leadership, The Coming Of Ministry Community Church has made great strides in spirituality, education, administration, technology, and ministry expansion.

Serving since 2012, under the direction of God, Pastor McCardle brought the church through a period of transition and transformation. God blessed him with amazing diverse life experiences, which prepared him for his divine appointment at The Coming of Ministry Community Church.

God’s invisible hand again was constantly guiding this leader, who is also an accomplished musician, composer and arranger.

Pastor McCardle is involved with working side by side with community and civic organizations. He serves as the Vice President of Houston-Northwest Region of the Texas South Central Evangelism Department of The Church of God In Christ.

Pastor McCardle is a Husband to his wife of fifteen years, of which they were blessed with four beautiful children.

Pastor McCardle’s mission is to go beyond the four walls of a conventional church and continue to spread the Good News of the Gospel, to change lives. To make known that God, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost is Real To show anyone and everyone that will listen- How to let your light shine in order to help others through the works of discipleship.

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